Carnal Coup Free Download PC Game

Game Carnal Coup Free Download PC Game Free Download

Carnal Coup Free Download PC Game Full Version

Carnal Coup Free Download PC Game Full Version via direct link. Below we are going to share complete information about Stygian Carnal Coup with screenshots, game-play, user reviews, and much more. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read about Stygian Carnal Coup, skip to download links section and get your download started within seconds.

Carnal Coup Free Download PC Game


Carnal Coup is a text-based game in a science fiction setting, in which you take on the role of one of the Figura – a species of perverted alien shapeshifters who have just had your world invaded by a tyrannical, puritanical space federation. With the help of a human turncoat you have managed to infiltrate this invasion force at the very top – as the Overseer of the Figura Expedition. That’s only where your job starts, however! Using your position and your shapeshifting skills, you must work from the inside to turn the invasion back on itself, helping the Expedition staff to re-discover their sexual natures, finding allies and neutralizing potential threats as you go. Carnal Coup has a heavy emphasis on gender preference flexibility, and the game will adapt to the relationships you want to encounter! As you proceed, you will encounter eight different Departments who make up the Expedition:

  • The bestial Harians of the Commandos!
  • The cybernetic Lencists of the Roboticists!
  • The all-female Vessians of the Cloners!
  • The psychic Celopi of the Secret Police!
  • The reptilian Schen of the Scientists!
  • The glamorous Vox of the Propagandists!
  • The mischievous Maelish of the Pilots!
  • The insectoid Roth of the Workers!

Each species of the Expedition has their own traits and, well, kinks for you to learn about as you infiltrate the Expedition from top to bottom. You’ll also find unique Specialists to recruit to your side, Department Directors you must convert or neutralize, and Missions to undertake across the planet and in sci-fi laboratories. In the end you’ll be able to choose the fate you want for your world – peaceful co-existence with the newly arrived aliens? Or will you aggressively infiltrate the Expedition, and claim its resources for your people? The choice is yours – but either way, you’ll have plenty of fun doing it!

About This Release

Carnal Coup has been developed over the course of more than four years with the help of many generous supporters on Patreon. This ‘Overseer’s Edition’ contains some content previously provided to patrons of the game, as well as some new content created specifically for this version. This release contains the following:

  • The most up to date version of the game!
  • All 21 chapters of the “Stories from Watch Station” series – a collection of short erotic stories told from the perspective of the average Expedition citizen!
  • A brand new “Art of Carnal Coup” digital art book, containing much of the art produced for the game as well as design notes and other goodies!



    • OS: Windows 7 32 Bit
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Text-to-Speech options are only available with 64-bit Windows.

    • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM

How To Install Free Download Carnal Coup

  • Download: The game in installer form
  • Install: The .exe file
  • Accept The terms and conditions for smooth installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play: The game and have FUN!
  • Support: the web, which game you truly enjoy!

Carnal Coup PC Game Free Download

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